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Surrogate III



The revolutionary Surrogate III features a new level of dexterity with increased simplicity and ruggedness.

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Features include:

  • Electric Linear Actuator Drive

  • Human equivalent shoulder dexterity: Utilizing the Omni-Wrist III for 180 dregrees pitch/yaw and 90 degrees roll. Hypertension of shoulder pitch/yaw +- additional 5 degrees.

  • Human equivalent wrist dexterity: 170 degrees pitch, 70 degrees yaw and 90 degrees roll.

  • Human equivalent elbow: 150 degrees pitch.

  • Human equivalent fingers, palm, and opposable thumb.

  • American and foreign patents issued and/or pending.

Ross-Hime Designs, Inc. Minneapolis, Minnesota has completed a mock-up of it's Robotic Surrogate III (S3). The S3 demonstrates the new high-dexterity shoulder and third generation Onmi-Hand III. All of the axis are powered by electric linear actuators for efficiency and ease of maintenance.

Funded by the Department of Defense the S3 has commercial applications in the new growing industry of personnel robots. Designed for ease of maintenance the S3's simplicity makes it a practical research tool for the university or research institution.