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Super Seeker Gimbal

The Super Seeker, a patent-pending gimbal design, offers a self-contained design lower in cost than current gimbal designs and weighing significantly less than traditional gimbal systems, while enabling a doubling of the sensor's surface area.

The swiveling yoke design has built-in shock and vibration isolation by virtue of a bulk-head mounted design that promises to be more rugged than all of its predecessors. The Super Seeker increases radar, SAL, and IR range by over 30%. Weight is reduced by over 10 lbs. Az/El is increased to +-35°.

Video of New Super Seeker Gimbal:

See Video

This video demonstrates the compact geometry of the Super Seeker, it's speed and range of motion.


The Super Seeker will prove widely adaptable to multiple applications including sensor pointing for missiles, aircraft, and ships. Commercial applications include antenna pointing on any moving platforms including land, sea, and space.


  • Weight reduction
  • Compact design
  • High speed/precision
  • Vibration isolation


  • Low cost
  • Singularity-free motion
  • 30% increase sensor range
  • +-35° Az/El
  • SPIE Paper: "On a New Seeker Gimbal" by Mark Rosheim and Gerald Sauter, PhD

    Read more about the development and testing of the Super Seeker.

    Read this article (PDF file opens in a new window)