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Photo of the OmniWrist III

Four unique linkages repeated, and simple bearings are all that is used to construct the sensor mount.


The Omni-Wrist III is a breakthrough in simplicity and ruggedness.

Singularity-free motion is one of it's unique features which include:

  • Elimination of all gearing found in previous designs

  • Singularity-free motion

  • Zero backlash for improved positional accuracy

  • 1" through-hole for wiring, fiber optics, hoses, etc.

  • Light-weight aircraft type design

  • Simple preloaded bearing design

  • Only three unique components

The Omni-Wrist III™ Platform


Using only simple preloaded bearing and linkages the Omni-Wrist III greatly enhances positional accuracy over conventional wrist mechanisms.

Modular in construction the linear actuator drives are easily replaced for maintenance. Light-weight aircraft design make it ideal for sensor pointing, spray finishing, sealant, and welding robots.

Advanced applications also include robotic surgery and even manipulating water jets in large scale fountains.

Specifications for Sensor Mount






18 lbs

 Payload Capacity

5 lbs @ specified resolution
30 lbs Max

 Pointing Envelope

180º Hemisphere + 5º Past Horizon

 Travel Rate

Capable of full range in less than 1 sec

 Positional Resolution

72 arcseconds (.02º)

 Actuator Type

Linear, Exlar GS20-0302

 Limit Switches

Hall Effect sensor at all ends of travel,
Mechanical stops in actuators

 Home Position Sensor

Fiber optic displacement sensor


Titanium, Aluminum, Stainless Steel