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Omni-Wrist VII

The Omni-Wrist VII The Omni-Wrist VII offers a new level of dexterity and precision. Cables are replaced with rotating shafts for a higher level of sterility. Singularity-free, it is the most dexterous surgical wrist designed.

List of selected patents


The Omni-Wrist VII will prove widely adaptable to multiple applications including:

  • Robotic Surgery
  • Humanoid Robots
  • Inspection
  • Sensor Pointing
  • Spray Finishing
  • Sealent Application


  • Singularity-Free
  • 180 degrees horizon-to-horizon


  • Z-axis extend/retract
  • Detachable motor pack

Dimensions and Weight (with motors)

Diameter: 10mm wrist/shaft 
31mm motor pack


Length: 431 mm
Weight: 385 grams


Interview and Paper

View discussion of the Omni Wrist VII from Ross-Hime Designs presented at ICRA 2022 on their thin diameter highly articulated wrist for robotic surgery.

IEEE Paper: On a New 10-Millimeter Surgical Robot Wrist