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Case Studies


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The Grove at Farmers Market fountain in action using the Omni-Wrist III.


The fountain at night.


Mark Fuller, President of WET Design and Mark Rosheim studying rapid-prototyped Oarsman™ components.


Case Study: WET Design Fountain Installation

In the start of 2000 WET Design, Los Angeles, California contacted Ross-Hime Designs, having learned of the Omni-Wrist III™. WET Design negotiated a patent license with Ross-Hime Designs CEO David Jasper in March of 2000.

During the development process, Ross-Hime Designs was there offering consulting services helping WET to create the new product. Mark Rosheim supplied his expertise on location at WET during the initial development phase.

In Spring 2002 WET Design built eight new generation Oarsman™ based on Mark Rosheim's patented Omni-Wrist III. This successful installation at the Grove at Farmers Market is viewed by tens of thousands of visitors annually. This prototype represents a new family of fountain displays means of achieving sophisticated water element motion for WET Design.


"Among the many clever advantages of the Rosheim device is its scalability and the ingenious way it permits the power drivers to be stationary, while achieving such a comprehensive range of motions. It is truly an imaginative mechanism."

-Mark Fuller,
CEO of WET Design