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Omni-Wrist III Platform


Omni-Wrist III Platform


Omni-Wrist III Platform Closeup

A new tool for scientists and engineers, the Omni-Wrist III™ Platform fills the gap left by Stewart and other conventional platforms.

The Omni-Wrist III™ Platform is designed for the new generation of virtual reality rides. Capable of manipulating passengers with more range of motion than conventional Stewart Platforms, the Omni-Wrist III™ Platform features electric servo drives, +-35 degrees pitch/yaw, high slew rates and more.

Designed for ruggedness and ease of maintenance the Omni-Wrist III™ Platform also has applications for manipulating any large, heavy or bulky object for testing or simulation. Automotive, sonar, radar, and wind tunnel testing are just some of the uses for the Omni-Wrist III™ Platform.

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